Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.” Gretel Ehrich


Environmentalist, adventurer, writer, woman…

The Understory: A Female Environmentalist in the Land of the Midnight Sun

By M. E. Schuman

One of our own ya’ll. Who will connect with this memoir? Free spirits, old souls, adventurers, nurturers, environmentalists, survivors, marginalized folks, animal rights protectors, mental health warriors, nature connoisseurs. Travelers to distant places and those who ache to do so. Frustrated fighters on the front lines of climate change, citizens who confront government bureaucracy, narcissistic men, religious men, confident women with the wild inner child still solidly intact. Those who have ever hugged a tree or simply sat beneath one, those whose lips have felt the ocean dry to a salty kiss or just swam in it. Those who birdwatch, or those who have desperately wiped black ooze from between feathered wings. In other words, any of us. All of us will relate to this book and be haunted and heartened by Michelle’s story. Everyone except Dawn. Not your friend Dawn or the rising sun kind. The dishwashing liquid. Dawn will not like it. What do I possibly mean by that? Read the book. The Understory is our story. Order it. Enjoy it. Own up to it.

Pamela Weiss, December 18, Facebook

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Excerpt from The Understory…


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